Our Brands

Over the years, SSUP Group has built a family of brands with unique balance, in the brands it owns and in the different consumer groups it appeals to, as well as in its geographic strength and in its category strength.

Cute Press brand was introduced in 1976. It markets a broad line of women's makeup, fragrance and skin care products. Its products are technologically advanced and innovative, with a reputation for excellence and superior quality at reasonable price.

At present, Cute Press has over 290 Cute Press stores and over 200 authorized dealers. In 2017 Cute Press is distributed in modern trade and convenient stores nationwide and in AEC countries.
website : www.cutepress.com
faceboook : cutepress
Instagram : cute_press
Youtube : CutepressThailand

Oriental Princess was founded in 1990. Oriental Princess products combine the best of nature with the most advanced scientific research. A true lifestyle brand, Oriental Princess offers skin care, makeup, hair care, fragrance, bath and body, lifestyle and Sensory Therapy products.

At present Oriental Princess is Thailand's market leader in specialty beauty retailer with over 348 stores locations nationwide. We begin our international expansion to AEC countries from 2017.
website : www.orientalprincess.com
faceboook : orientalprincesssociety
Instagram: orientalprincesssociety
Youtube: Youtube : Oriental Princess

Amazing brand was introduced in 1998 as a high quality essential cosmetics with good value. Currently the line is marketed exclusively for the Myanmar and developing regional markets.
website : www.amazing-cosmetic.com

Bisous Bisous was launched in 2012 as a premium cosmetics line made in South Korea. Bisous Bisous became part of SSUP Group in July 2016 to fulfill the growth potential of becoming a lifestyle brand with a complete range of beauty and lifestyle products.
website : www.bisousbisousthailand.com
faceboook : bisousbisous.thailand
instagram : bisousbisousthailand
Youtube: Youtube : bisousbisouschannel

LALIL (#Live A Life I Love) was launched in 2017 from the desire to create "a gift for all modern women" The brand comprises a range of heart-made personal care and aromatherapy products from nature that pamper the senses while delivering superior results versus the typical synthetic counterparts. LALIL also uses proprietary blends of essential oils in every product because we believe in the healing and restorative powers of aromatherapy. Breathing in the aroma of LALIL products will lift your mood and soothe your spirit while beautifying your hair and skin.

We hope that LALIL products will be the gift that let women start each day with positive energy and a big smile. The gift that calms the soul to give them peace of mind at the end of the day. Most importantly, LALIL wishes to be the gift that reinvigorates and empowers women to set forth and live a life they love. website : www.lalilspa.com
faceboook : lalilofficial
instagram : lalil_official

General Nutrition Centers(GNC), was launched in Thailand in late 1998. As the master franchise of GNC from the USA, the group extended its business scope into the wellness industry. GNC is the world leading health supplements retailers with over 9,000 stores in over 50 countries worldwide.
At present, GNC is Thailand's leading specialty health supplement retail stores with over 35 stores nationwide.
website : www.gnc.co.th
faceboook : GNC.Thailand
instagram : gnc_thailand
Youtube: Youtube : Gnc Thailand