Corporate Overview

SSUP Purpose :

Our mission from day one is to create high quality, beautifully designed products to enhance our customer's beauty and wellness. We continually invest to grow our portfolio of brands domestically and internationally, while developing and acquiring new brands that target new segments of customers with the aim to become a world leading beauty and wellness conglomerate.

SSUP Values :

Delight our customers with the highest standard of service, beautifully designed and effective products, and an inspiring retail experience
Incorporate world-class aesthetics, limitless creativity, a spirit of innovation and an uncompromising standard of high quality in everything that we do
Empower all of our associates to grow to their fullest career potential with our meritocratic and non-discriminatory policies
Uphold good corporate governance, fairness, integrity and transparency
Give back to society in a professional, sustainable and impactful way with a focus on education.

Marketing :

Investing in brand equity is one of SSUP Group's fundamental strategy. Our two main beauty brands, Cute Press and Oriental Princess, are the market leaders in their respective target segments. They both have clear brand positioning, a high level of brand awareness as well as brand loyalty from over 4 million members. The group invests heavily in effective and holistic marketing programs to grow each brand's popularity and share of voice. We also invest in branding strategy and design to ensure that every brand in our portfolio has a clear positioning and identity that are cascaded down to all consumer touch points, such as store design, product design, brand communication materials and merchandising display.

Growth Strategy :

The group is growing by both entering new markets as well as by creating or acquiring new brands that target new customer segments. We pursue business opportunities that complement our existing portfolio of brands, with clear market positioning that do not overlap with our existing brands. We also focus on opportunities that have the potential to develop into global brands with presence in both domestic and international markets.

Research and Development :

The group has been at the forefront of technology over the years due to its investment in Research and Development. SSUP Group's Research and Development unit, The Institute of Beauty and Health Sciences, is located at our manufacturing facility, KM Interlab. A large team of leading chemists, biologists, microbiologists and pharmacists work closely with market researchers, suppliers, and the brands' product development team to create innovations that match consumer trends and exceed the market benchmark in terms of quality and efficacy.